Linux printing with DELL 3100 CN

The goal I set out is to be able to print over the network from my Debian Etch laptop to a Dell 3100CN printer. The first part was just figuring out how to set the printer to have a static IP address. So I hit up the dell support site
for the manual. There is a web interface, but thats for noobs. I myself am a panel hacker. So below is how you would setup your network connectivity. Pay attention to the notes. Assigning an IP address is major stuff. You need an administrator for this or you could blow up your printer.

Assign an IP Address

An IP address is a unique number that consists of four sections that are delimited by a period and can include up to three digits in each section, for example,

Assigning an IP address already in use can cause network performance issues.

NOTE: Assigning an IP address is considered as an advanced function and is normally done by a system administrator.
NOTE: Do not continue with this procedure until you have the following three addresses:
- IP Address
- Subnet Mask Address
- Gateway Address

For more information on using your operator panel, see "Operator Panel."

  1. Turn on the printer.

The Ready to Print appears.

  1. Press Menu.

  2. Press until Configure appears, and then press or .

  3. Press until Network appears, and then press or .

  4. Press until TCP/IP appears, and then press or .

  5. Press until IP AddressSetup appears, and then press or .

  6. Press until Panel appears, and then press .

  7. Press .

  8. Press until IP Address appears, and then press or .

  9. The cursor is located at the first digit of the IP address. Press to enter the numbers for the IP address.

  10. Press .

The cursor moves to the next digit.

  1. Repeat steps 10 and 11 to enter all of the digits in the IP address, and then press .

  2. Press .

  3. Press until Subnet Mask appears, and then press or .

  4. Repeat steps 10 to 11 to set Subnet Mask, and then press .

  5. Press .

  6. Press until Gateway Address appears, and then press or .

  7. Repeat steps 10 to 11 to set Gateway Address, and then press .

  8. Turn off the printer, and then turn it on again.
Okay, so you made it through the printer side configuration. Now, you get on your laptop and download Dell 3100 CN Postscript Printer Description File.
Then do the following:

1. Click "System" → "Administration" → "Printing"
2. Double Click "New Printer"
3. Click "Network Printer"
4. Choose "HP Jetdirect"
5. Enter of the printer
6. Choose "Install Driver..." and select the previously downloaded Dell_3100cn.ppd as the driver file
8. Select "Laser Printer 3100cn v3015.102 PS"
9. Enter the printer name, description, and location
10. Choose "Apply" and print test page.

Apparently, the above process is all good for Ubuntu. On Debian Etch, I was still having an issue, so I peeped out "/var/log/cups/error_log" and it was complaining about missing a file. So I busted out...
#cp /usr/local/src/Dell_3100cn.ppd /usr/share/ppd/
and now all is well. Mission accomplished. Time for a beer. ;)


Noah said...

thanks for posting the keys to get to set IP; was an amazing stroke of luck to find it. Helped me greatly with walking a remote customer through setup.

thanks again,

CB said...

Thanks--worked great with Ubuntu Hardy Heron